Come to the Skyline Pair Pace – A great opportunity to stretch your legs on the course exactly one month before the spring event!

A pair pace allows 2 riders to go on course together – either in tandem or nose to tail in a timed division. Rather than separating by height, pair paces are separated by – literally – pace. This not only allows riders to go faster or slower as needed, but also for different experience levels to maximize their time on course.

  • Division A ( 400m per minute, galloping pace, fences intro-training available, select prelim fences.)
  • Division B (350m per minute, cantering pace, fences intro-novice available)
  • Division C (250m per minute, Trotting pace, fences intro-novice available/optional)

For example, a trainer could go out on course with a student and school their novice horse as their intro rider takes the smaller fences. Or two experienced riders can go together in the galloping division! It’s up to you.

IMPORTANT: To participate, you MUST enter online by Midnight on April 6 so that we can assign ride times. 

Rules and entry information below:

Skyline Pair Pace Rules

Skyline Pair Pace Online Entry

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